Our Mission


Our government is representative and those who make the laws represent us, the constituents.  With our advocacy efforts, we help shape public policy that impacts and affects CIM through the introduction, enactment, or modification of legislation.  Through effective advocacy, we bring about public policy change by offering constructive ideas for a bill, local ordinance, budget change, policy reinforcement, or even work with a legislator or county council member or our mayor, at the local or state level, to mobilize supporters about an issue that speaks to our industry.  In order for them to accurately represent our needs we need to be focused, proactive, and remain unified. We are here to help your voice be heard.


Creating opportunities to share information and gain insight into opportunities and challenges is of paramount importance. We understand that working together for the common good of our community is always the best course of action. We hope to provide those through monthly Pau Hana Events, monthly email updates, easy access to information through our website and accessibility to other members of our construction community and legislative decision makers.


Education takes many facets. The Construction Industry of Maui provides opportunities for our members to keep up to date with new information within the building community, tools and products available to enhance their trade, legislation that affects our construction future and opportunities to network and learn from one another. We provide some of this through our quarterly training seminars, interactive luncheons, monthly pau hana events, and our yearly Home Show.

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